Sunday, January 10, 2010

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Check out the Widget for the latest news and swagcodes!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Swagbucks 411

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a search and win site where you get paid in swagbucks to search regularly, the swagbucks are used to redeem many great prizes.

What Kinds of Prizes does Swagbucks Offer?

  • iPods (Touch, Nano, Shuffle, Classic)
  • PS3
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Games
  • Gift Cards
  • Books
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Cool T-shirts
  • And so much MORE

How do I join?

Join SwagBucks by following the link below

Click here to join SwagBucks

How do I Earn SwagBucks?

You can earn Swagbucks by...

  1. Searching regularly - SwagBucks are rewarded at random intervals so searching excessively will not give you more swagbucks
  2. Inviting Friends - When you refer a friend, every time he wins swagbucks on a search you do too
  3. Shop&Earn - SwagBucks has many partners, when you shop with them you earn swagbucks
  4. Trade In Items - Trading in your old gaming console, old games and cell phones will get you quite a sum of swagbucks
  5. Special Offers - Completing cheap offers can earn you up to 200 swagbucks per offer!
  6. Participating in Swagstakes - Costing only 1 swagbuck per entry there is a weekly drawing for a 100 swagbucks
  7. Swagcodes - Entering these on the homepage will get you some extra swagbucks

What are Swagcodes?

Swagcodes are short phrases or lines of text that are occasionally posted on the SwagBlog, the twitter feed, the toolbar, or on Swag hunts. They can be hidden on the Swagbucks facebook wall or their letters can be scattered throughout All Swagcodes last for only a short period of time so hurry when entering them.These codes are especially fun to find and enter and most are easy to locate.

Examples of old swagcodes (these are EXPIRED codes)


Is SwagBucks Legit?

Of course it is! Thousands of people have redeemed swagbucks for hundreds of thousands of prizes so far. See below for proof!

How do you earn hundreds of swagbucks?

  • Just Search regularly
  • Invite all of your email contacts
  • Download the toolbar, it keeps you updated on the latest news and gives you swagcodes
  • Make SwagBucks your homepage
  • Promote SwagBucks

Can I refer family members?

No. Swagbucks allows only one account per household or IP address

What are Swagstakes?

Swagstakes are sweepstakes on swagbucks where most entries cost as little as one swagbuck. Prizes include limited edition prints of famous artists/bands, autographed memorabilia, Swagbucks (100, 250, 500, 1000), Gaming packages, high value gift cards and more! The more you enter, the more chances you'll have of winning something big.

Want to make more money?

Do you want more sites like Swagbucks? Do you want to earn a lot more money? Find great information on earning cash by going to They'll give you the tips and tricks to earn money on many great sites similar to Swagbucks and more!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Break Down of a Typical Swagbucks Week

Mon - Nothing Special

Tue - Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays, a contest on twitter where you submit
phrases that contain the special swagwords.
Example: Season's Swaggings
Phrase: "Season's Swaggings to be swagging! Fa La La La La, La La La La. Don we now our Swag apparel. Fa La La La La, La La La La. @Swagbucks"
The winner wins 50 swagbucks and honorable metions recieve 5 swagbucks

Wed - Nothing Special

Thurs - Twitter Trivia, Questions on general knowledge will be asked, sometimes
there will be a trick question or two. To participate, use your twitter account and post the correct answers, all parts of an answer must be correct to win. Three questions will be asked.

Question 1: First 4 correct responders win 5 Swag Bucks each
Question 2: First 2 correct responders win 5 Swag Bucks each
Question 3: First correct responder wins 10 Swag Bucks

Fri - Mega Swagbucks Day! Swagbucks gives out extra swagbucks when you search and you can win anywhere between 1 to 100 swagbucks on one search!

Sat - Saturday Video of the week, each week the Swag Guy posts an interesting video for the Swag Nation to watch

Sun - Drawing for 100 swagbucks swagstakes, Entries start at 1 swagbuck

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Check out the Swagbucks offer page!

Swagbucks has many offers that can earn you up to 200 swagbucks for each one completed. Many are cheap and require little information. If you don't feel comfortable with doing those try the no obligation offers, where you can skip each offer and recieve a FREE swagcode at the end!

Select special offers on the toolbar

You can do either No Obligation offers or Regular Offers

The no Obligation offers are updated every Thursday. One free swagcode a week!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Super Swagstars

Below are two super Swagstars that have gone above and beyond and have earned thousands of swagbucks. Here they give the tips and tricks on how to become succesful on Swagbucks

Aaron H. from Michigan has won over 8,115 swagbucks, 7,765 were won with the help of his 162 friends.

His Advice?
"The best advice I can give users is to be passionate! Utilize the tips Swag Bucks offers and think outside the box. Place your banners and referral links everywhere you have an online presence, like on web pages, blogs, forums, in our signatures, and on social networking site like MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. In no time, you too can become a Swag Bucks Superstar!"
Check out some of the sites that he has made

Alexis K. from New York has won over 10,000 swagbucks, 7,733 were from the 390 friends that she had refered.

Her Advice?
"I have gotten so many fans to join Swag Bucks by using the promote banners. I target each of the artist's message boards, as well as their MySpaces. I do not spam and I am very nice when messaging fans. I tell them all about Swag Bucks, how it should work, and how it benefits fans. So far I have had so much success using the promote banners!"